Sam Balfus

Sam Balfus is an artist and musician from Santa Monica currently based in Chicago. Heavily influenced by Los Angeles, hand styles, electronic music, and psychology, his practice often explores language through digital space and sound.


Jayde Goodon, known as Wizwon, is a graffiti, studio and tattoo artist from Regina, and is currently based in Saskatoon. He is a co-founder of the 11 Hooks Crew, a clothing line and artist collective in Regina.


Swarm is a multidisciplinary artist and street artist from Ontario, currently based in Montreal. In 2011, she attended OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) and has since been using the streets and back alleys of Toronto and Montreal as her primary exhibition space.

Justin A. Langlois

Justin A. Langlois is an artist, educator, and organizer working across media and social practices. His practice explores models of collaboration for gathering, learning, and making.