Street Meet: Saskatoon’s 4th Annual Street, Public and Graffiti Art Festival is not-for-profit group which facilitates a three-day event in Saskatoon’s public spaces, staged successfully for the first time in the summer of 2013. Street Meet serves as a response to Saskatoon’s prevalence of permanent public art sculpture, and looks not only to provide a more immediate or ephemeral alternative to such artworks, but also to discuss the meaning of public art as a whole in a city. 

Street Meet engages professional artists both locally, nationally, and internationally to implement its festival programming. The festival facilitates the production, presentation and discussion of diverse, innovative public art practices. By curating artists with alternative public art-making practices from both Saskatchewan and abroad, Street Meet strives to enrich Saskatoon’s public art content while engaging the community in events that provide opportunities for collaboration, education and exposure within our city.

“Public art refers to a vast assortment of art forms and practises, including murals, community projects, memorials, civic statuary, architecture, sculpture ephemeral art (dance, performance theatre), subversive interventions and, for some, graffiti and street art.” – Anna Waclawek, Graffiti and Street Art (New York: Thames & Hudson, 2011) 65